Software development

αναπτυξη λογισμικου αθηνα

SOFTAWARE constantly grows by implemeting software that addresses to a wide range of businesses and digital nomad by serving their functions!

The design and development of our software is done by software development experts. In SOFTAWARE all software development steps are faithfully followed in order to achieve the best possible result.

Initially, there is an analysis of the requirements that the developed software aims to cover, and then the system design. Then, the software is developed, followed by the necessary tests for proper operation. Finally, the software is installed on proprietary servers to ensure proper operation. Thus, any software implemented by SOFTAWARE faithfully follows all the rules that ensure its proper operation.

anaptuxi logismikou etaireias athina

We are the right people to design and implement web-based software, desktop, mobile and console applications. We do not use manufacturing platforms such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal etc. All of our applications are implemented by the SOFTAWARE team. Fully harmonized in the Internet of Things (IoT) season, we are using Single Board Computers.

And of course we always provide support to our software users by providing them with the necessary user manuals and training in their place.

Our work is not stopping here. The software that we deliver to our customers is continually upgraded to be compatible with new technologies and various editions.

The contribution of our system users is important to us. Reports of possible bugs help us to solve potential problems.

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Computerized system, staff leave management program and many other systems tailored to your needs!

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