machine learning

λογισμικο προγραμμα μηχανικης μαθησης

Machine Learning is concerned with the development of algorithms that they learn through data study and pattern recognition, and they make predictions and decisions about them.

Machine Learning finds applications in almost all areas of our lives. Indicatively, we refer to Medicine, Bioinformatics, Electronic Games and Robotics.

Do you want to create a spam filter, a search engine for your business or an optical character recognition mechanism? Trust SOFTAWARE! We can undertake whatever you want to develop and requires knowledge of Machine Learning.

logismiko mixanikis mathisis

The specialized staff of SOFTAWARE has undertaken the development of Machine Learning software using the following algorithms:

  • Neural networks
  • Decision Trees
  • k-nearest neighbor
  • k-means clustering

The programming languages used by SOFTAWARE to implement Machine Learning Software are as follows:

  • Python
  • Java

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