database management systems

diaxeirisi vaseon dedomenon etaireias

SOFTAWARE has extensive experience in developing and managing databases supporting all major Database Systems.

Database Systems are a powerful tool for a business by facilitating its processes. Well-organized data means better use of these.

SOFTAWARE develops Intelligent Database Systems. Firstly, an analysis of the company's requirements is made to answer critical questions concerning the design and implementation of the Database Systems. What is the type of data, what apps it will serve and how it will recover more efficiently.

διαχειριση βασεων δεδομενων εταιρειας

SOFTAWARE technicians are experts in the following Database Systems:

  • Oracle, Microsoft Sql Server, PostgreSql, MySql
  • Access, Sqlite
  • MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis

We undertake the development and management of databases and software Database regardless of complexity and data volume.

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