μαζικη αποστολη emails newsletter

Promote your business easily, quickly and economically by sending Bulk Newsletter news!

The SOFTAWARE newsletter system is easy to use and always accessible everywhere! All you need is a computer connected to the internet.

The connection to the SOFTAWARE Newsletter system is controlled by a browser. The user must enter the necessary login credentials (username and password) to access the system.


The bulk email system allows you to create different mail accounts lists and import / export from / to an excel file.

In addition, through the SOFTAWARE newsletter system you can create an email message, save it and send it in future time saving you time by having a standard email message that you can use.

Staff leave management system

View the staff leave management system by clicking on the link below.

Ready solutions for your business

Computerized system, staff leave management system and many other systems tailored to your needs!


maziki apostoli emails newsletter
Fast, easy and cost-effective promotion of your company
Create a template for a mail message
Create different lists and import / export them from / to excel file

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